Folder Organization

Ensure that the traits are organized in a folder structure, with the folder name being the name of the trait category and individual files under the folder are traits.

Ensure that folders are named with the layering order, 0 being the bottom-most layer. The layering order should come first, then the underscore, then the name of the trait category.



Rarity is defined by which trait will have a higher chance of appearing, almost like throwing a dart on a board.

For example:

- Oval.png
- Round.png
- Square.png

This setup will have an equal chance of getting each trait.

If we want to introduce rarity, we use the __r and a number assigned to it:

- Oval__r1000.png
- Round__r1.png
- Square__r500.png

By appending rarity numbers, this setup says Oval has a 1000/1501 chance of getting it, Round has a 1/1501 chance, and Square will have a 500/1501 chance.